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Kulswamini Dhoop Kandi

To be used for blessings of family gods and goddesses. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Avadhoot Dhoop Kandi

It is very much useful for sadhakas’ of shri datta samprday. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Lakshmi Dhoop Kandi

It's users never suffer any financial shortages and problems (qty– 1 box rs.200/-)

Prabhavi Dhoop Kandi

It brings harmonious relations between married couples and families (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Siddha Dhoop Kandi

Generates peace and concentration of mind to its highest level and specially designed for sadhka’s of all cadres (qty–1box rs.225/-)

Vastu Shant Dhoop Kandi

Destroys all sort of negativity at home and maintains peace and prosperity. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Vyaparwruddhi Dhoop Kandi

It removes all negative aspects and obstacles in all sorts of professional affairs of its users. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Siddhivinayak Dhoop Kandi

It's use helps sadhka to be blessed by the lord ganesha and succeed in every aspect of life. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Vignaharta Dhoop Kandi

Daily use of one stick per day gives you mental peace and calm. removes all obstacles in your success. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Shabri Poweder

Incomplete combustion of this powder late evening is very effective in achieving success and progress in all affairs. (qty–1box rs.200/-)

Navgraha Locket

Diminishes all malefic effects of planetary stars and provides mental peace and harmony.. (qty–1 rs.1100/-3000/-)

Daru Mukti

This ayurvedic herb helps alcohol addicts to get over addiction, trauma and depression. (Six months cours rs.2000/-)

Parad Guti

Routine use of parad guti helps in cure of asthma, diabetes, bp, first stage carcinoma & paralysis. (qty–1 rs.3000/-)

Sohum Gold Oil

Use of oil develops consciousness and concentration. (qty–1 rs.350/-)

Sohum Silver Oil

Effective on back aches, osteoarthritis. (qty–1 rs.200/-)