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Vidyayash Prapti Kavach

It helps students to achieve greater concentration and success in academic carrier specially to improve their capability and concentration. (qty–1 rs.2000/-)

Bhagwati Kavach

It is a rare combination of wealth, power & wittiness which provides all kinds of worldly pleasures to its bearer; with the blessings of goddes mahalakshami, mahakali & mahasaraswati.(qty–1 rs.1000/-)

Prabhavi Kavach

Prabhavi kavach is very much effective for enhancing all sorts of human relationships. (qty–1 rs.1000/-2000/-,5000/-)

Siddha Kavach

Siddha kavach from gorakshnath aaipanthi provides overall safety and success in all sorts of affairs. (qty–1 rs.5000/-)

Shatrupida Nivaran Kavach

Bearer of this kavach is protected by all enemies all time (qty–1 rs.1000/-)

Mohan Tilak

It provides triumph in debates, interviews or meetings (qty–1 rs.250/-)

Urdhwatan Guti

It can be used as any other face pack. it removes dark spots from face and body odor. (qty–1 rs.250/-)

Dakshinavarty shankh

symbol of the lord vishnu itself provides all sorts of material pleasures in life. like peace of mind & prosperity. (Qty-1 rs. 500, 700, 1000,2000, 3000.)

Lakshmi Kavach

It is useful to achieve financial gains and success in business affairs. (qty–1 rs.1000/-)

Goraksh Kavach

Bearer is blessed by all nath yogis and achieves success in all work affairs. (qty–1 rs.1000/-)

Siddha Chandan

Daily use of this helps in enhancing relationship, cohesiveness and build trust among married couples. (qty–1 rs.750/-)

Sonika Guti

It removes malefic effects of navgraha’s (planetary stars) and provides all sorts of comfort to its users.(qty–1 rs.250/-)

Shabari Kavach

House debate planet defects: it is an invaluable use for the prevention of an unknown enemy. rs.1000/-

Najar Raksha Kavach

Eye protection, progress, protection therefore, this armor is invaluable for children and adults.(qty–1 rs.2000/-)

Keshar kasturi oil

Improves memory and Brain Power. 100 % Organic Herbal Ayurvedic Head Massage Oil.which soothes the senses and helps in increasing blood flow.