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Rudraksh means lord Shiva’s tear drops. Available into “1 Mukhi (Single Facet) to 21 Mukhi(21 Facet)”. Rudraksh helps in enlighting the Super Consciousness, provides improved concentration, Dynamism and fearlessness, which are useful to lead a peaceful & successful life.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh

Gauri shankar rudraksh provides peace and comfort in the family. the peace and pleasure of family are increased. it is strongly believed to destroy all pain and suffering and other earthly obstacles; especially among husband & wife.(qty–1 rs.4500/-)

Ganesh Rudraksh

Ganesh rudraksh provides improved concentration and development of mental structure specifically beneficial to students of all age; in their studies. (qty–1 rs.2000/-)

Bhadrakali Haldi (Curcuma Long Black)

It is believed to be the symbol of “goddess kali” herself. it provides constant income sources and fearlessness and destroys enemy. (qty–1 rs.2000/-to 50000/-)

Lal Haldi / Kukawi (Curcuma Long Red)

It is strongly believed to be the symbol of “goddess mahalakshmi” herself and increases all kind of wealth and pleasures; and retain it constantly. (qty–1 rs.3000/-)

Kali Gunja (Black Coral Bead)

Kali gunja’s energetic property helps to enhance all sorts of financial gains. (qty–1 rs.101/-)

Vastu Tantrik Vanaspati

Vastu tantric vanaspati placed on the main entrance door destroys all kind of negative energy & protects from enemies. (qty–1 rs.500/-)

Tantrik Vanaspati

Tantrik vanaspati protects from all sorts of known & unknown enemies. (qty–1 rs.4000/-)


The use of is hathajodi helpful to bring triumph in all sorts of worldly affairs. (qty–1 rs.1000/-)


Siyarsinghi brings positive energy to all sorts of business affairs; and improve business. (qty–1 rs.600/-)

Shri Yantra

Shri yantra: person using shri yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace and harmony in life. (qty–1 rs.250/-)

Tantrik Gomati Chakra

Gomati chakra used in foundation of buildings or hang at entrance & in front of the house will generate longevity, peace; prosperity & success in all sorts of real estate buying and selling. (qty–1 rs.3000/-)


Person achieves shift of limits forall kindof success, happinessand harmonyfrom the almighty. (qty–1 rs.500/-) sphatik 500/-

Goraksh Yantra

Sadhguru gorakshnath blesses the bearer and protects him all the time; for his progress. (qty–1 rs.250/-)

Mal (Strung Beads)

Available in hakik / spahtik / rudraksh / coral (munga) & rudrani etc. for the persons offering to pray by jupa. (qty–1 rs.500/-,1000/-,300/-,551/-,1000/-)