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Kuldevi Yag

Kuldevi Yag helps to accomplish all desires and fulfillments.

Shiv Yag

Shiv Yag helps in achieving prosperity and peace in material life.

Vishnu Yag

Vishnu Yag enhances financial security and consistency.

Laxmi Yag

Lakshmi yag improves financial status and alleviate debts.

Datta Yag

Datta Yag develops positive cosmic vibrations and provides peace

Navnath Yag

Navnath Yag provides overall security and successful future prospects.

Gaytri Yag

Gaytri Yag is performed for the Atonement of past and to achieve success in sadhna

Spiritual Astrologer

Sohum Mandal offers maximum with 3 Question to be asked for the minimal fee of Rs. 500 INR. Please do provide details of your name, Native Place and your family gods / Goddesses.