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“Flawless relationship is the need of the hour for universal social peace and well being. The potential for conflicts lies within cooperative efforts which could have considerable impact on present social disorder in the form of broken relations, lack of communication and all sort of psychological stress and problems.

We strongly believe it paved the way for spirituality, universal peace and primarily for the humanity in the form of Nath-Yoga. Nath-Yoga is the elixir to address all human problems by a right consolidation of few techniques, thereby vesting one to a state of highest benevolence; not only liberation but also freedom, calm and blissful life”.

Sohum Bhagwati and Sohum Mandal family tries to become the basis for the transformation and metamorphosis of the future and present generations, gradually expanding with servitude, workmanship and immense seeker group dedicated to global interest.The Sohum Bhagwati and Sohum Mandal family, serving in the divine guidance of Sadhguru Shri Gyanendranath Maharaj from Gorakshnath Aaipanthi, has successfully completed 18 Years of its establishment.

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