Sohum Bhagwati Magazines

Sohum Bhagwati, Grihshobha monthly available for Rs.550/.p.a

Sohum Bhagwati also publishes monthly magazines Grihshobha and Sohumbhagwati and 20+ books Sohum Sadhana C.D. on various spiritual topics.

Worth Rs. 682/. At concessional rate of Rs.600/. only, including Postage. You can subscribe to sohumbhagwati by joining Sohumbhagwati and Sohum Mandal family.

Sohum Mandal also offers its readers the privilege for providing solutions to their existing problems with the blessings of Mahayogi Sadhguru Gorakshnath and under the guidance of Sadhguru Gyanendranath.

Sohum Mandal offers maximum with 3 Question to be asked for the minimal fee of Rs. 500 INR. Please do provide details of your name, Native Place and your family gods / Goddesses.

Sohum Bhagwati Magazines and Sohum Prakashan Books

Sohum Bhagwati Grihshobha and Amrut Ayurved Magazines

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